Who We Are

The site www.annoyingorange.it has the objective to provide all fans of the legendary orange, a single access point to be able to quickly find all the videos with particular attention to those translated into Italian.
Many thanks from now to:
The creator of the legendary Orange

Daneboe's Channel Daneboe (http://www.annoyingorange.com)

All the fans who have patiently and with difficulty translated episodes in Italian language and have them available on youtube. In particular:

Youtube ChannelPizzBerry
Youtube ChannelKlonni3
Youtube Channelxgaetanox95
Youtube ChannelMurupanBoys
Youtube ChannelDanielDubbingChannel
Youtube ChannelRKRtheFantastic

We will try to provide the remaining episodes, that have not yet been translated, with italian subtitles.
To help us, we ask you to report any translations already present in the web that we have escaped.
Thank you very much and we hope that this site will be appreciated.

Have fun and